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Free Deluxe Samples and Domestic Shipping with any $50+ Order.

Behind the Scenes

Debra Macki

MAKEUP ARTIST DEBRA MACKI is a Boston native living bi-coastally who splits her time between Salem, MA and Los Angeles. She's worked with a lot of celebrities – but says her most memorable moments "have been with regular people who look in the mirror and almost cry because they didn't feel beautiful until that moment. I say 'almost' cry because I'm saying 'Don't cry! You'll ruin your makeup!'"

Ever since Debra can remember, she's been obsessed with makeup. In high school, she did her friends' makeup for proms and events. "At that point I didn't think being a makeup artist was a serious job. I got good grades and just assumed I would go to college, get a great paying business job, and do makeup as a hobby!" Without the internet at the time, it was hard to find artists she could relate to. Debra went to aesthetics school where she says she, "loved learning about skin. I consider myself a self-taught makeup artist. I put a lot into educating myself and studying. Kevyn was a big part of that process for me."

Favorite Kevyn Quote

“Creating makes you feel like you’re alive, when you’re not creating, you’re not living.”