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Team Kevyn

Phillip Moreno

My introduction to makeup was Kevyn’s New York Times best-selling book, Making Faces, as well as my drag queen friends.  The art of drag has always fascinated me because the make-up is exaggerated, creative and impactful.

In his book Kevyn transformed two men into women - the Showgirl, who was an entertainer who looked demure, and the Player who was mysterious and intriguing. It was incredible because it introduced this art of drag/transformation makeup to many people who had no connection to it and normalized it for many who did.

I feel a personal commitment to teaching the new generation of makeup artists that don’t know who Kevyn is and what he did for the makeup community through master classes based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. At the same time, I love to hear and share stories with the many who do know who he is and how he impacted their lives. Each interaction is amazing and unique, with the end result always being a love and appreciation for Kevyn and the brand.

To now be working for his brand in international editorial photoshoots, representing him and his legacy, well, it’s surreal, an honor, and a full circle moment for me.

Favorite Kevyn Quote

“Glamour is not self –conscious; it’s not trying really hard. It’s just expressing your own truth. I think that’s what the essence of glamour really is – expressing your uniqueness.”