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Get a Free Neo-Elixir Beauty Oil  w/any $50+ Purchase. Use Code: ELIXIR  Plus Get Free Shipping on all orders.


Eyebrows frame the eyes and give a sense of expression. The shape can greatly affect the eyes and how your mood is perceived. It’s important to consider proper structure to properly frame your features when approaching brow techniques. Ensure you choose a color that will closely match your brow hair. Bleaching the brows can help to lighten the brows for ease when filling in, or can create an editorial look.


NATURAL Balanced in proportion, perfectly framing features. Where the brow begins, where it arches, and where it ends makes sense within the facial structure.

To enhance, naturally fill in brows with The Precision Eyebrow Pencil, creating  hair-like strokes in areas of sparseness.

INTENSE (graphic or drag-like) Usually has a distinct shape with a pronounced arch and pointed tip. Can vary in color and intensity.

With a concealer pencil, draw the desired brow shape. Trace the shape with The Precision Eye Definer and fill-in completely for an intense brow, or fill gently with  hair-like strokes.

HIGH ARCH Eyebrow is natural in proportion, with a more pronounced arch that sits higher than the natural shape.

Draw the bottom and top of the desired arch shape with The Precision Eyebrow Pencil. Tweeze or conceal brow hairs below the bottom of the arch shape. Fill in the  rest of the brows where necessary.

BOY BROW Brows are brushed upward and are fuller.

Start by brushing brows upward, use a brow gel if necessary. Create hair-like strokes using The Precision Eyebrow Pencil to create a natural, full brow look.

PRO Tip: It’s best to do each step on both brows before moving onto the next step for ease in creating symmetry and balance.