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Get a Free Neo-Elixir Beauty Oil  w/any $50+ Purchase. Use Code: ELIXIR  Plus Get Free Shipping on all orders.


Start by understanding your skin type and what it needs to look its best. Then determine skin tone and desired coverage and finish.


STEP 1 Start by identifying your skin type.

  • Normal – even tone & texture.
  • Dry – tight feeling, sometimes flaky, small pores, dry texture.
  • Oily – larger pores, shiny texture, can be prone to breakouts.
  • Combination – Drier characteristics on outer perimeter, oily characteristics toward center of face.

STEP 2 Next identify your skin tone. This will help you in choosing the appropriate foundation color to match your skin.

  • Look at your neck or the inside of your arm to determine if your undertone
  • Golden – more yellow in tone
  • Warm – more pink in tone
  • Neutral – a balance of both
  • Olive – more cool/green in tone

STEP 3 Determine your desired coverage – light, medium or full. Keep in mind you most likely will not need the same amount of coverage everywhere.

  • For example, you may need more coverage in the center of your face, or under the eyes. Spot concealing is a great way to keep the skin looking fresh and natural while covering blemishes.
  • Foundation can be applied to the center of the face, stretching and blending outwards.
  • Concealer should only be applied in areas that demand more coverage – typically areas that have brown spots or blemishes and are red, or under eyes in areas of depth or discoloration.

STEP 4 Determine your desired skin finish – matte, semi-matte, radiant glow, dewy, shiny.

PRO Tip: Keep in mind that your skin can vary in finish texture. For example, you can create a semi-matte finish in areas through the center of the face, and create a dewy finish in areas that catch the light to naturally enhance the features, placement is key to achieving this result.