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Free Deluxe Samples and Domestic Shipping with any $50+ Order.

Free Deluxe Samples and Domestic Shipping with any $50+ Order.


Lips can express a feeling or emotion based on the shape and structure. Assess your natural lip shape to understand how to create symmetry for perfectly balanced lips.

Consider lip shape & desired texture


NATURAL Balanced in proportion, symmetrically shaped.

A bit of gloss looks beautiful on a naturally balanced lip.

INTENSE No shapely peaks, fill and voluptuous.

This lip shape can wear any lip color or gloss.

GLAMOUR Sexy and seductive with a perfect Cupid's bow.

Various shades of red look amazing on this lip shape.

THIN Smaller top and bottom lips.

Accentuate this lip shape by slightly overdrawing the lips. Add gloss to the center for a dimensional pout.

DOWN-TURNED The outer corners turn slightly downward, creating a heaviness.

Use lip liner to lift and re-shape the outer corners of the lips, by drawing slightly above the outer corners.

PRO Tip: Light colors can neutralize the natural lip color.

Dark and bright colors will call attention to the lips.

Adding a lighter color or gloss to the center of the lip will create a fuller look.