Mini Face Forward Set ($139 Value)


The exclusive 11-piece mini starter set of your dreams.

Undecided on which texture or shade fits your lifestyle and complexion? This set offers the three most versatile textures in light to deep shades, along with on-the-go must have lip and eye products. Make your dreams come true and find your perfect match. 

Turn your skepticism into commitment with a set that includes:

2x Mini Stripped Nude Skin Tint in light 03 + medium 07

2x Mini Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation in light + deep

3x Mini Foundation Balm in light 02 + medium 06 + deep 13

Mini Glass Glow Lip in Crystal Clear

Mini Indecent Mascara

Mini Lip Brush

Mini Eye Shadow Brush

Net weights:

Mini Indecent Mascara 32.96g
Mini Glass Glow Lip in Crystal Clear 34.95g
Mini Foundation Balm in light 2 240.88g
Mini Foundation Balm in medium 6 240.88g
Mini Foundation Balm in deep 13 240.88g
Mini Stripped Nude Skin Tint in light 3 32.15g
Mini Etherealist Foundation in light 59.88g

Mini Etherealist Foundation in deep 59.88g

How to Use

  • SKIN TINT: Layer for additional coverage where needed; it can be worn alone or on top of a primer.

  • ETHEREALIST FOUNDATION: Dab the foundation over the areas that need the most coverage first, then blend outward from there.

  • FOUNDATION BALM: For fuller coverage, swirl the foundation brush into the FOUNDATION BALM compact to pickup a stronger quantity of product. Dab the loaded the brush over areas of skin that require more coverage. Then stretch/buff the FOUNDATION BALM outward from there.

  • GLASS GLOW LIP: Apply with the wand applicator or with your fingertips. Layer on top of your fav pigmented lipstick.

  • INDECENT MASCARA: Pumping air into the mascara tube (to get more product on the wand), unfortunately will only dry out the product sooner. Try twirling the wand around instead." -Kevyn Aucoin, Making Faces, 1997

  • Pro Tip

  • Mix light and deep shades of the same product to find your most ideal shade. Then, head to the product page and use the shade finder to purchase the full-size.

  • Ingredients

    Please visit full-size product page.


    This is the ideal set to get to explore different shades and textures — mix and match and take on the go. We give you full persmission to play the field. Find your perfect match.

    *Pink purse is not included with set.
    Mini Face Forward Set ($139 Value)
    Mini Face Forward Set ($139 Value) Default Title

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