Professional Lash Curler Refill Pads (3-pack)


Three flexible silicone refill pads that comfortably lift and curl the lashes at the lash line. Designed for use specifically with the Pro Lash Curler.


  • Designed for “back-to-back” use

  • Designed by PRO makeup artists for PRO’s and anyone else looking to replace the pad on their proLash Premium Eyelash Curler.

  • Unique shade of red designed to contrast skin and lashes for precision placement


  • Developed by PRO makeup artists to answer the PRO’s must-have ask – refillable eyelash curler pads

  • The wide-opening curve of the curler and curler pad is designed to accommodate all eye shapes

  • Created with Kevyn Aucoin Beauty’s iconic red silicone pad designed specifically to contrast lashes and lash line against the pad, for ultimate curl and precision placement

Net weight 10.5g

How To Use

• Replace lash pad every 3-6 months. Ensure replacement pad is firmly in place before use.

Pro Tip

• For a dramatic curl, position the curler as close to the base of the lashes and squeeze and release. For a more exaggerated curl, hold for 30 seconds.


• Silicone pad


“I’m surprised that more women don’t curler their lashes with an eyelash curler….It’s easy to use after a little practice…, and the results are amazing. Curling the lashes opens up the eyes, making them look bigger. For many whose lashes tend to grow straight down, an eyelash curler can make a radical difference.”

— Kevyn Aucoin, The Art of Makeup, 1994


This new professional eyelash curler comes with an additional pad that we recommend be switched out every 6-8 months. We now offer refillable pads so separately. Click to Shop Eyelash Curler Refillable Pads.

Professional Lash Curler Refill Pads (3-pack)
Professional Lash Curler Refill Pads (3-pack) Default Title

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