The Soft Buff Brush


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A luxuriously soft, buff brush that provides optimum application for full face and cheekbone coverage.

The Soft Buff Brush offers precise coverage. It applies even coverage and doesn’t leave a chalky appearance, creating a polished makeup finish.

1. Using the flat part of the brush, buff away excess powder using gentle, circular strokes on the face.

2. Apply your favorite powder blush color by using the flat part of this brush, tapping blush color, then tapping color onto the apples of the cheeks.

3. Using the side edge of this brush, expertly apply The Sculpting Contour Powder to the the hollow of the cheeks and/or The Celestial Highlighting Powder to the cheekbones.


1. Use The Super Soft Buff Brush with The Sensual Skin Powder Foundation.

2. Use The Super Soft Buff Brush with The Pure Powder Glow.

3. Use The Super Soft Buff Brush with The Sculpting Powder.

4. Use the Super Soft Buff Brush with The Celestial Powder.

The Soft Buff Brush


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