Duet Blush Brush


An expertly designed multi-purpose dual-ended blush brush.  

The "BLUSH" end is designed to hold, deposit, and diffuse color for beautifully blended blush applications.  

The "BAKE" brush shape fits perfectly under the eyes and corners of the face to press powder into where you need it.

Key Features:

  • Dual-ended, versatile tool to blend and bake effortlessly

  • Pairs with Pressed or Loose Powder Products

  • Use for placing, buffing, blending & baking

More To Know

For Daily Cleansing- follow the directions as described by your daily brush cleanser.

For Deep Cleansing- Suggested 1-2 x per week depending on your usage. 

  1. Dispense small amount of gentle shampoo onto brush fibers.

  2. Add water to activate

  3. Swirl brush in hand or on a silicone brush cleaning mat.

  4. Rinse brush well until water runs clean.

  5. Squeeze excess water from the brushes then gently reshape brush head and lay flat to dry on a towel overnight.


  • Ultra-plush synthetic hair

  • 100% Vegan 

  • Cruelty-Free 

  • Paraben-Free

  • Professional Quality 

  • Designed by professional makeup artists

    How To Use

    • Use the "BLUSH" end with blush, bronzer, or other powder products. Apply with buffing motions. Layer your product to the desired intensity.

    • Use the "BAKE" end to apply powder products with precision

    Pro Tips

    • To "BAKE" around the eye area, load the "BAKE" brush with a good amount of loose setting powder. Swipe the loaded brush across the areas you want to have a strong application of powder for baking purposes. After you have completed your eyeshadow application, use the “BLUSH” brush to dust off the excess loose powder from the area.

    • Use the "BAKE" end to apply your favorite powder highlighter with precision.

    Brush made with synthetic bristles.


    “The right TOOLS make an enormous DIFFERENCE in makeup APPLICATION. Foundation can be applied more evenly; lip and eye can be applied more smoothly...”

    —Kevyn Aucoin, The Art of Makeup 1994


    Add a touch of color to your complexion with Neo Blush.

    Step 1: Load the Blush Brush with pigment from the Neo-Blush and apply to the apple of the cheeks, temple, and chin.

    Step 2: Flip to the Bake Brush and apply the lightest shimmering shade from the Neo Blush to your upper cheek bones for a soft, highlighted look.

    Duet Blush Brush
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